I highly recommend Liam Sullivan’s services as a professional golf coach. When I started working with Liam, I was fighting 15+ years of bad habits and struggling to find the right fit for lessons. He spent time talking with me first — to assess my goals and commitment… Then he observed me on the driving range before commenting on the state of my swing. I was struck by his ability to “meet me where I was” and he instantly provided helpful feedback that reaffirmed my initial goals and encouraged me to think beyond. What’s most impressive is that he consistently simplifies golf fundamentals for me during every session — into easily digestible bits that I can easily practice in-between lessons. Golf can be really difficult, but with Liam’s coaching I feel more confident each time I play. Having said that, the numbers speak for themselves… When I started, I was usually shooting 100-110 and losing 5-6 balls per round. Recently I’ve shot in the high 80’s without losing more than 1 ball!


I asked Liam to give me his bosses email address so I could pass on what a great lesson I had last week. I have been playing golf for many years but I am not that good . I play in a golf group of retired guys, I’m 76, every Tuesday . The last 3-4 months I have not been able to get off the tee box. Topping the ball, falling backwards, slicing the ball, just horrible. Of course all my golf buddies tried to help me to but to no avail 😟. I played eagle creek a few week ago and loved the course. Saw your golf academy tent and set up. I decided to sign up out of frustration and get some help from a Coach. Liam had me hit some balls and we talked about why I wanted Lessons and about my problems. After about 10 minutes of hitting balls and Liam analyzing my swing he said I know what your problem is and told me to take a few swings with a towel under both arms. Well it worked !! I was hitting the ball straight and long. Then Liam adjusted my driver loft and the ball went further. I even had a few draw hits. Anyway, it was amazing and my swing improved immensely! 

He was good !!! Then I played golf with my group. They couldn’t believe how well I was hitting the ball. Outdriving some of them .  I finally told them I took a lesson . They now call me “Towel Guy “ . I gave them Liam’s business cards but not sure if they will sign up or not I have two more lessons left and I want to work on my short game. I am looking forward to working with Liam again. Great coach ! I just wanted to pass on my success story to you. Good job Liam!! Thanks !!


I choose to go to Eagle Creek and I am currently working with Liam Sullivan. Liam has been amazing to work with. We spent the first session which is the New Student assessment we spent 10 mins getting to know each other and me talking about my game. We then moved to the range where I went through swinging different clubs and Liam was taking notes. At the end we sat down and discussed program options. 

In my two lessons I have had so far I am already seeing amazing results. We are making changes to my grip, stance, take away and how close I am to the ball. I have gone from struggling to hit my clubs, to hitting them clean and as pure as I can hit them right now.  We have also discussed and worked on my transition from back swing to down swing and that has helped tremendously in my ability to hit solid iron and wood shots while also allowing me to hit solid and controlled wedge shots. I left my second lesson grinning from ear to ear at how well I was hitting my all my clubs. His instruction and guidance has been amazing. Of course you get out what you put in and I have been practicing almost everyday and recording myself to make sure I am not falling back to my old swing and habits.

If you are looking for a strong coach to help you improve I highly recommend Liam at Eagle Creek.


This is such a great class and a great time!  Coach Adam provides a terrific blend of effective coaching, positive reinforcement and fun for the kids.  My son’s ability and confidence are growing steadily every week and it’s just awesome watching him enjoy the game of golf at such a young age.  Coach Adam caters to each child’s individual needs and uses fresh challenges/games every week to keep it fun and exciting for all of them.

There are individual and team challenges so they’re getting a good sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. It’s just a very well thought out program and Coach Adam has that rare gift of being able to impart his professional knowledge to these kids with incredible patience, good humor, and fun.  He really knows how to connect with them and my son looks forward to it every Saturday morning.

Tim Bluto
AfterSchool Golf Parent

Coach Adam is amazing.  One of a kind.  I wish he could coach all my kids’ sports.  He delivers his lessons perfectly tailored for each kids’ abilities, and he creates such a fun environment that they always look forward to golf, even early in the morning. Thanks!

Anders Fjellstedt
Shots Fore Tots Parent